Want some passive income business?

MEGA SHORT INFO HOW TO START PASSIVE INCOME BUSINESS Want to do your own faucet and start to earn free passive income from your blog? It’s easy! Just some steps: Create your own blog Add Bitcoin faucet to it Register in DigiSoft Payline Explane to peoples how to start   First of all you need to create […]

Lower rewards

We have a bad news. We need to do a lower payments. This faucet is alive from ADS revenue. But now our revenue is lower than we need to do payment. From now rewards: 70 – 500 satoshi every 5 minutes. We just want to do faucet alive. Sorry for this bad news ;( Hope […]

Migrating to Faucethub.io

We are working in migrating to Faucethub.io micropayment platform… Approximate date for full migrate is the first half of January 2017. All your accumulated satoshi in profiles will be safe and transfered to faucethub.io account. Now all is working great. You can earn satoshis via epay.info platform until migrate.